Friday, October 21, 2011


Chris and I started to do the Insanity workout last week. Let's just say, it is quite insane! Chris has continued to do his morning workouts of weights, and I have continued to run when I can, Zumba (which I dearly love), and my new found love of yoga. The insanity is just so insane.

Insanity is "max interval training." It is a mix aerobic and anaerobic intervals done to the most insane level humanly possible. It is seriously killer. On the first day, I was dripping in sweat by the end of what is called the "warm up" and I run 4-5 miles a day! Come on, I thought I was in shape! Um, I guess I was not in that good of shape.

I have learned to do a push up since one is expected to do a lot of them throughout many of the workouts. I see my abs changing already, which is cool. I am way more hungry, too, having to snack more at night to get to sleep (not helping my insomnia unfortunately).

Why are we doing this you may ask? Well, it was Chris' idea. And, I am always up for a good challenge. I love the challenge even if it is a killer one. I wish I would have taken before and after pics of us so we can see if we look any different. Since my last birthday, I have packed on weight so that I can not wear my jeans from last winter. Boo. I need to firm up so I can fit into my favorite jeans again! So...I do have motivation!

I will keep you up on our "Insane" results.

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