Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Lost in the Forest

Last Tuesday (yes, I am THAT far behind), we decided to take a small hike in Fontenelle Forest after school as a family. I packed my cooler backpack and we were on our way. The kids picked and trail and then just took off. Okay, in hindsight, I should have insisted that they stay on that trail and not go too far ahead. But, they were having fun, so Chris and I just took our time walking hand in hand behind them.

Several turns and several trails later, I turned to Chris and said, "I'm Lost." He laughed as he pointed in the direction we needed to go to set back to the lodge. We walked and walked and walked and walked. We began at 4 pm and it was now well after 5pm.

The kids began to complain. We had been walking pretty much non stop for a hour!! The forest was pretty, however, with its many shades of fall colors. We saw a deer and wild turkeys, too. It was beautiful and the air smelled fresh. The temperatures were still on the warm side as Chris and I took turns carrying tired Asher and Addison (who took her first potty in the woods!!).

As we approached 6pm, Chris and I were getting worried. Where were we?!  There not any trail maps at the kiosks placed throughout the forest. But, one must have fell from the sky miles away from the lodge. After reviewing it, we realized we were walking in the wrong direction (further from the lodge!) and needed to turn back.

After more walking, we finally reached the lodge at around 6:15, tired, hot and hungry. Whew! What a workout.

A short walk would have been fun. But, the forest has over 26 miles of trails. I believe next time we will skip them if they can not supply a map!
Oh Deer!


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