Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Day in the life

Oh, what a day! Wake up, get dressed, eat breakfast with the kids, slowly! Take a long, slow walk looking for flowers and more baby Robins (and checking in on the ones on our normal walk). Then, watching Asher sleep while the girls and I play in the backyard. Eat lunch with the girls, feed Asher, then go on a flower hunt - to a store - so we can have flowers out front of our house too! We found flowers that were $80 at Mulhalls for $30 at Home Depot with my coupon (um, will not be going to Mulhalls for a while). Now, the girls are resting while Asher rolls all over the floor before his nap. I just love my life!!

NightnightSleeping boy AsherNew tree flowers for our entryway pot...I love them!

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