Sunday, April 03, 2016


That's right...I am officially on TAPER TIME!! Yesterday I ran my last long run, today my last hill repeat, and this week's "long run" is only 12 miles. SO EXCITED!

Friday I woke up with some knee pain. I wasn't sure what it was about but set out to run anyway. I only made it 5 steps. No go. As the day wore on, the pain was in my hip. I was heartbroken. How was I ever going to run?!

Saturday morning I woke up thinking, "I can do this." I got my fuel and set out. I was limping for 3 miles. It wasn't pretty or fast but I was moving. As I kept moving and my body warmed up, I no longer felt the pains. I was just running, fueling and listening to music. I was not as fast as I wanted to be but I was moving. YEAH!

Today was hill repeats. Again, my body was very sore on my right hip as I started and ran to warm up with a limp. By the second hill, I was warmed up and ready to go. The taper will hopefully help get rid of whatever is troubling me. I can only hope and pray.

I am going to run in the Boston Marathon. Funny, it's a dream come true yet at the same time I am scared to death. Hill after hill. Sounds like a major challenge. I am not looking for a personal record, I am looking to have fun and enjoy my one trip to Boston.

Boston, here I come!!

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