Saturday, February 28, 2015

February 2015 in Review

Short month.

Thank Goodness! I could not survive the cold if the month were any longer. Gees!

The month was full of really cold days, Valentine's Day, Addison's school music program, Asher's basketball games (ending the month scoring 2 points which is big for him!), swimming lessons finishing up for Addison and Asher (and Alivia going on to prep for swim team), piano lessons, working, sleepovers, and keeping warm. I don't know how many days I ran when the feels like temperature was below 0. I really want to move South now more than ever! So much so that I booked a weekend trip next weekend to go South (if only for the weekend).

Tomorrow is March. We can only hope March will be warmer. Even though today's temp felt like -5 when I ran my 10.5 miles, I did see a group of robins, a cardinal and a blue jay. I am hoping they know something about spring that we can't see coming yet. :)

Happy March!

FEBRUARY PICTURES OF US. We tried our best to capture the moments of February.

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