Saturday, February 28, 2015

Auto Decision

The decision has been made.

We are keeping the least for a bit longer.

First of all, we had 3 people look at the car and they didn't want it until the 100,000 mile repairs were done. They are pricey. Nothing is broken, it is just preventative stuff. But, we are not putting out $1000 just to sell it.

Secondly, Chris is opening up his resume again. Yes, again. would not be the best time to be adding stuff to the family budget.

And finally, we were not completely set on any car. There is a new version of the Honda Pilot coming out this summer that we would like to throw into the mix. And, I would like to see if the Enclave adds tech to the car in 2016.

So, today the van got souped up with new tires. In a couple weeks, we will have the 100,000 mile cha ching preventative checks done. After that, we will keep the van for a while. It is probably just getting broken in anyway. After's a Honda!!

Here's to a few more months without a car payment! :)

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