Friday, December 05, 2014

Asher's 7th Birthday!

Last Saturday Asher Wade turned 7 years old! Craziness! Where has the time gone?

Asher woke up sheepish about his birthday. His friend Michael came over in his PJs and they shared cinnamon rolls together and then played (while his Mom Jen and I worked out :) ). The day continued like this. We got ready for the party and before long it was 12:45 and his friends were showing up.

Asher's party was at the Aksarben Cinema where they saw Penguins of Madagascar. We drove 7 boys there and one met up with us there and we drove them all home. That part was quite loud. Once there, the experience was very organized. They each got popcorn, a drink of their choice and a fruit snack before being escorted first into the movie into great seats. It was fun. Overall, the boys appeared to enjoy the movie.

After the movie, we drove everyone back to our house for soccer ball cupcakes, presents and playing soccer outside on what turned out to be a fabulous day! It was 70! degrees!!! We drove most of the boys home at 4:45. Asher had a blast.

After the main party, Asher played with his friend Michael while we prepared for the Grandparents to arrive. Asher wanted a hot dog for his birthday dinner, which is difficult to find at a restaurant that grandparents would like. So, we hosted at our home instead (which turned out to be a dangerous choice). We ate dinner, chatted, then Asher opened his presents. He got a cool soccer jersey, clothes and soccer gear from his Grandma Kathy and Grandpa Bob and a dually basketball hoop game from Grandma Bet and Grandpa Bill. From us he got a indoor soccer shoes, football, under armour clothes, soccer bag, and more random stuff. Asher is difficult. When we ask him what he wants for his birthday or Christmas, he doesn't know. I asked him what he wanted from a friend that asked, and Asher said socks or clothes. Really?! How weird. His favorite gift was from his friend Cameron who gave him basketball socks and wrist bands. Buying things for him is a total nightmare. He doesn't know what he wants but is easily disappointed when he doesn't like what he gets. Ugh.

After presents, the kids and the men went downstairs to put up this huge hoops set. Meanwhile Alivia was upstairs trying to pull out a tooth, so Chris' Mom, Grandma Kathy, went up to check on her. Before long, Alivia was running down the stairs with Grandma following her. Next thing we knew, we heard a loud thud and Grandma Kathy was on the floor. Long story short, Grandma does not know what happen but her one foot gave out (before he leg broke) and she fell onto her other knee. After the weekend and Monday in miserable pain, she is now moving some with a walker but is pretty immobile. This is why we should have future parties at restaurants just to be safe.

Asher is an active 7 year old. He likes to play soccer, toss the football around, shoot hoops in the front yard (and now in the basement) and be active. When he is not being active or loud, he likes to watch Netflix. He is addicted. He sometimes is found on his iPod too, but would prefer to watch on TV now a days. Asher is 44 lb and on the shorter side at 3 ft 11in. He is wearing a size 6 in pants and 6-7 in shirts.

Asher's Favorites at 7 years old.
Color: Red
Toy: "I don't have one"
Fruit: Apples cut up
TV Show: Kickin It
Lunch: Hamburger, french fries and chocolate milk
Game: Diablo
Animal: Tiger
Best Friend: Cameron
Cereal: Chocolate Chex without milk.
Favorite thing to do outside: Play soccer
Drink: Lemonade
Holiday: Christmas
Take to bed at night: Stuffed Dog
Favorite Breakfast: Chocolate Chex
Birthday Dinner: Asher wanted to go out for Hot dogs. So we grilled hot dogs and hamburgers at home, along with grapes, salad, and chips. He had soccer ball cupcakes too!
What do you want to be when you grow up? A Football Player...Really? "Yes, when I grow up and get big." Funny.

Asher had a sleepover here with his friend Michael. Asher still is not a good sleeper, staying up late and running to Alivia's room many nights during the week. He likes our door and his door to be open with his lamp on (I can't stand his light shining in our room! But, someday I will miss it I am sure). He does not like cold lunch but takes his lunch 4 times a week to school. Talk about a challenge! He still loves his eggs and bacon and sometimes a homemade waffle. Bread? No way! He is kind of a picky eater! He still loves his Mommy and Daddy, loves to give hugs and kisses. I love this!!

Happy Birthday Little Guy! We love you!

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