Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Working Life

I have not worked 12 hours as a nurse in over a year and I have not worked 36 hours a week as a nurse since before I had kids (and that was for a very brief time before I became a pharmaceutical rep).

That has all changed.

I have started the 96 hours a month requirement through my first job and I am 12 hours in. It was not too bad for the first night. With that said, I was following another nurse. Tonight will be the true test when I go at it alone. There will be another nurse there and possibly a tech as that always helps. But, I will be left to figure out the charting, patient care, and everything...alone. Yah.

I have to say, working 12 hours and sleeping 5 is not very much. By the time I pick up the kids from school, prepare dinner, lunches and snacks for the next is time to go again. There is not much time there. For the 3 days in a row I am on, I am checked out of the Austin reality. I don't like that, and I don't think Chris does either. He is having to be Mr. Mom at night and in the mornings (where before I was able to stay home until 10, well after the kids were in bed).

We will adjust I am sure.

For now, this is the new reality. Working life. Let's see what I think after this month.


Courtney F said...

UGH! Working can be so tough, especially after staying at home. I can relate to this. I hope it is going well and you find your rhythm soon. Take care!

Unknown said...
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