Sunday, August 04, 2013

To the Lake AGAIN!

Last week, I loaded the kiddos in the van along with a few supplies and set off for a mini vacation to my parents lake home. Chris had taken a vacation the week before with his Dad to Estes park, leaving us at home. I wanted to go back to the lake that week, but my parents had guests at the lake (and they were not even there!). So, last week was better than nothing, making it our second trip yet this month.

The drive took 5 hr and 15 minute with one brief restroom stop. I amazed myself. I was about to jump out of my own skin after driving that far alone, but was happy I could do it without a navigator. Within minutes of our arrival, we were in the water. It was so warm compared to our visit earlier in the month. All the kids were jumping in the water, going down the slide and having a blast. My hesitation about going to the lake alone was gone. This is why I stay home!

While at the lake, we visited the Lake of the Ozarks Beach in Osage Beach where the kids played with 2 little girls their age for about 6 hours. They had a blast. The kids got comfortable swimming without their life jackets in the lake as I stayed just inside what they found to be deeper water to keep them at bay. It was a lot of fun. We spent a lot of time jumping off of my parents dock and just swimming around. We went out to Papa Chubbys for pizza one night and the kids swam on the beach there. On our last day there, last Friday, it rained most of the day. So, we loaded up and went shopping at the outlets, school shopping and ended (somehow) at the candy store. We love the candy store. :) After the rain, Asher climbed up Grandma and Grandpa's slide, laid down head first and face up and went down the slide! What a crazy, brave boy!

Last Saturday, we climbed in the van at 750am and make it home within 5 hours without stopping so Alivia could make a birthday party that afternoon. It was an amazingly fun trip that I would do again this week if I could. Shoot, what do we have going on this week, hummm...

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