Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day 2013

Happy Father's Day!
Today started off early in the Austin Household I got up 10 minutes earlier than my normal 5:45 workout time so that I could get in my workout and still be on time for today's activities. As I reached the basement to begin my HASFIT, I heard little feet running upstairs. I laughed as I imagined Chris getting woke up so early on Father's Day.
Sure enough, at 5:50 AM, Asher woke up Daddy to inform him what the tooth fairy brought Asher for losing his first tooth. Asher was so excited to run down the stairs to find me (after waking up Daddy and his sisters first). Kinda funny.
At 7, a little bit more reasonable hour, the kids ran in to officially wake Daddy with their hugs, kisses and Father's Day surprises. Each kiddo brought Daddy a  special gift bag. Asher gave Daddy a Super Dad t-shirt, a book, and little forms about Daddy filled out by each of the kids. Addison brought in Daddy a Pinterest Special, a bag full of POP and Daddy things (POPcorn, blowPOPs, POProcks, POPsickles, Sugar Daddys - from me of course ;), etc. Alivia gave Daddy a framed letter to Daddy that turned out pretty cute, too.
We were on the road to the flight breakfast in Iowa by 7:30, visiting my Dad. By lunch, we were back at home and walked over to visit Chris' Dad, Aunt and Uncle and Grandparents at Chris' parents house down the street. We felt like we were crashing the party there as we were not really invited and Chris' brother was on his we split for home. We spent the afternoon swimming in our little pool under the sun, finally.

It was a nice, peaceful Father's Day. With that said, I told Chris that we are going to start a new tradition for Father's Day. Everyone has family to go to, and well, we don't really.  My Dad is busy at the air show and his parents are busy with, well, their family. So, it is time we make our own traditions. We will start that next year. I have a whole year to plan something fun!

I am lucky. I have an amazing Dad that I can call on for advise, to help me fix something, help me trade stocks, etc. My Dad is the most independent smart man I know. Then I have my amazing husband and Daddy to our 3 kiddos. He is always active with the kids, playing baseball, water fights, sledding, and usually blends right in with all the kids' activities (he looks like one of them!). Chris walks into the door and the kids run from all directions to give him a hug. He works all hours just to keep this big roof over our heads and us happy. What a Dad!
On the kids' surveys, they thought Chris was his age of 41, but thought he was 41 pounds, born in 1984, favorite saying was, "dong diggity" from Big Bang Theory". They thought Daddy's favorite food was pizza or shrimp (which was right on).  It was fun to see how the kids filled them out.
Happy Father's Day! Shouldn't Every Day be Mother's and Father's Day?!

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Courtney F said...

That sounds like a busy day! I like your idea to have your own traditions. We do that for Father's Day, it is always just us. We try to do the same on Mother's Day, but it seems like bit gatherings have been planned a lot on that day. I think it's important to do your own family thing when you can.