Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Alivia's 9th Birthday

I am not doing so good on keeping up this blog. I'm not sure how the time gets away from me, but it just does.
Last Saturday, Alivia celebrated her 9th Birthday. Only one more year until she is in the double digits! Craziness. Where does the time go? Our little girl is growing up.
Alivia celebrated with her friends after the last day of school on Friday, having 5 girls over for a sleepover. They played spin the body on the bottle was nail polish. Pretty fun and cute game. They played twister, made friendship bracelets, before watching a movie. In the morning (after a long night I may add), they made sun catchers. They all had a good time.
We celebrated with Chris' parents, my parents, and Alivia's Great Grandma Patricia by having a little BBQ at our home. Turns out, Alivia no longer wanted a hotdog or hamburger! She is quite selective with her eating lately, liking something one day and not the next! I have a feeling this may get worse before it gets better. Alivia received Lego friends from her grandparents, clothes and money. She was thrilled. She had large lego friends pieces to put together, and she loved doing that over the next few rainy days (and we have had our share of those!).
From us, Alivia received an iPad mini with a pink little case. Now, I know, she is only 9! But, she was already using Chris' so much that he never saw it. Alivia only asked for a mini, so when I saw them go on price drop at Walmart, Chris insisted I jump on it. After opening it, Addison and Asher were not happy. But, they are used to the idea now. Addison and Asher have iPod touches, but they do not use them much except when we are traveling.
Alivia is growing up. Her tastes are changing. She likes technology, but she still likes art. She now likes to run, which we are pleased to see her take an interest in. Alivia likes to spend a lot of time with her friends, with Elizabeth taking up most of her time. Alivia likes to ride her scooter, roller blade, and break away and play animal jam on the computer (when Mom breaks down and allows her to play). Alivia has such a big heart and is quite thoughtful. She likes to talk and can talk for a great length of time without taking a breath. Humm...could that be her age? :) And, this year she claimed to have a little boyfriend named Caleb all year. Insane, am I right?!

Here are her questions answered for Age 9
1. Favorite color: Light blue and pink.
2. Favorite Toy: ipad that she got for her birthday/animal jam
3. Favorite Fruit: Strawberries
4. Favorite TV show: Zak and Cody or Jessie
5. Favorite thing to eat for lunch: Roast beef and cheese sandwich (Although she never eats it! She is a greek yogurt n fruit kind of girl. She loves her salads, too!).
6. Favorite outfit: Monkey shirt from Justice
7. Favorite Game: Animal Jam.
8. Favorite snack: popsickle
9. Favorite animal: Kittens, puppies
10. Favorite song: Taylor Swift: Never Getting Back Together
11. Favorite book: Bad Kitty
12. Best Friend: Elizabeth
13. Favorite Cereal: Chocolate Chex
14. Favorite Thing to do outside: Run around, basketball
15. Favorite drink: Lemonade
16. Favorite Holiday: Christmas
17. What do you like to take to bed with you at night? Stuffed dog
18. Favorite thing for breakfast? Chocolate chex (Alivia does not like eggs, bacon, waffles, or donuts!).
19. Favorite restaurant? McDonalds?! ?!
20. What do you want to be when you grow up? A vet and a singer.

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Courtney F said...

Oh, Happy Birthday, Alivia! I love the list you ask your kids and her responses are awesome! I am glad she had a wonderful birthday!