Sunday, September 16, 2007

Happy 40th Wedding Anniversary

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My parents
The big sheet cake
The grooms cake
Dancing with Marsha
Gift opening
Today my parents, Derald and Bette, are celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary! Wow, 40 years! We helped them celebrate with family and friends by throwing a party in their honor yesterday in Shelby, IA, where they live. With A LOT of help from my Aunt Marsha and my parents friends, we were able to pull it off without any hiccups. We invited several close friends and family personally, then opened it up to the public in the paper. Most of the invited guests attended and many open house friends attended. It was fun to see people that they had not seen in a while. Chris made a DVD slide show of many pictures of them over their 40 blissful years together and ran it to their favorite music from 1967 when they were married. It turned out great, and we got a lot of laughs looking over all the pictures. Chris also had the music CD playing in the background during the party, which was a lot of fun. We bought a sheet cake (ruby flowers to mark the 40 year mark) and a motorcycle grooms cake (but I forgot to have them put HARLEY on it! My parents have been "bikers" for the last few years). I used old to recent framed pictures of them as centerpieces along with rose petals. And, as their guestbook, we had guests sign an 8x10 matted picture frame. We had plenty of food to eat throughout the party and now beyond, too!
It was a wonderful none of us will forget.
Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad (when you someday get your computer back!:) ).

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