Friday, August 19, 2016

Lake Life 2016

After being home only a week, the girls loaded in Grandma and Grandpa's car and headed to the Lake of the Ozarks on July 1.  I worked July 1 and July 2 to get my 24 hours of required hours in and was planning on leaving for the lake on July 3 or 4. When the days came, I was exhausted and didn't want to go. So, Asher and I left July 5.

The lake is a peace of relaxing paradise, fewer worries and lots of water fun. I told the kids we would stay until they wanted to go home. I lied, because they never wanted to go home. I was so homesick I wanted to go home immediately. Addison's birthday, July 12, came and went, and the kids still did not want to go home. Chris was unable to visit because he did not want to drive 5.5 hours for just a short weekend visit and he was using the rest of his vacation to go to Aspen, CO, to hike Capitol Peak with his brother. If he was there, I could have stayed forever.

My parents stayed until the day after Addison's big 10th birthday. On her birthday we went to see the Secret Life of Pets at Osage Beach, got ice cream, before coming home and swimming. This year, we tubed and Alivia learned how to ski! It was awesome! I even skiied a little. I, of course, ran every day in the hot, humid lake temps nearly dying every day. Crazy weather. The kids went down the slide every which way, jumped and dove and went crazy. We just love the lake.

We visited Ha Ha Tonka State park for the first time this year. We will have to visit again which it is not 100 degrees. I decided next year we will visit the Bridal Cave and eat out. We did not eat out at one lake restaurant. Disappointing.

We love the lake. We were sad to leave. After 21 days away, it was time.

Pics to follow.

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