Friday, May 15, 2015

Soccer Soccer Soccer...

As the season winds down, I am finally getting to soccer.

This year, Alivia AND Asher went out for soccer AND Chris coached Alivia's team and assisted Asher's team. Practices were Monday and Friday for Alivia and Tuesday and Thursday for Asher. Games were Tuesdays, Saturdays and Sundays. CRAZINESS!! We could only have dinner at the table on Wednesdays and usually I worked on Wednesdays (so I have not had dinner with the family for WEEKS!).

Asher had a great season. He has really advanced in his game. He is actually aggressive and asking to play with a friend on a select team. We will see if he is that ready. He is a good striker and defender.

Alivia had not played soccer in years. She came a long ways this season considering their team was on the young and small end of things. And, she wants to return in the fall to play again. YEAH!

Asher completes his season on Saturday and Alivia finished this past Tuesday. As the school year comes to a close...I am just happy to get a hot meal for dinner!!

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