Tuesday, April 07, 2015

March 2015 in Review

We went to the ocean and back in March! Okay...maybe not all of us...but 2 of us!
So, the month started with my big birthday in Florida (where else?!). We kept busy with haircuts, trips to the forest, playgrounds, I ran a 10m run in Lincoln, the kids started doing daily chores (which is awesome!), Asher finished basketball and is now onto soccer. Alivia is now in soccer too with Chris as her head coach and the assistant on Asher's team (when he can). Alivia is also taking a competitive swim class on Mondays where she swims her little heart out for 45 minutes before going to her 1 1/2 hour soccer practice. Pretty intense! She has decided that she does not want to be on swim team even though she is quite fast (just maybe not competitive). The kids ended the month with spring break where we visited friends at Mahoney, went to playgrounds, hit up the movies, visited the farm, and had MANY (too many) sleepovers! Chris left and started a new job that he is hopeful about this month, too. What a month!

Here are our pictures from March, many (too many?) from our trip to Florida. I begged Chris to let me stay but he brought me back home.


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