Saturday, January 03, 2015

Happy New Year 2015

Seems like yesterday we were celebrating y2K! I feel old. Oh wait, I am old!

Every year I come up with this long or short list of goals. This year is really no different. Last year I wanted to run a marathon and ran 2. This year have scheduled myself for a couple, at least, half marathons and hope to throw in a full marathon at least once this year for fun. I want to travel with the family as much as possible. I really enjoyed all of our trips last year. I hope to spend nearly a month at the lake this year with the kids.

Last year Chris set out to climb Longs Peak and did so last July. He is remaining pretty quiet about 2015s plans. So, I guess I will be surprised.

We have plans to travel this year. Addi would like to go to the Mall of America during spring break. In May, we are taking a beach vacation to Florida (and I can't wait!), and in July the kids and I will try to spend the month at the Lake. Chris and I usually go somewhere for our anniversary in August, too, but I'm not sure what we will do this year.

As far as home improvements, they are still up in the air. We need to replace the van this that is our first priority. Getting Chris and I off of work on the same day when dealerships are open and when we have someone to watch the kids is very tricky. We don't even know what car we want yet!

Really, I would love to get out of Nebraska and move someplace warm. I hate winter so much. I considered briefly signing up for a spring marathon until I went running today. Too cold. I hate winter never mind already!

We will see what 2015 brings...but Chris is optimistic it will be a good year. And, he is always right. ;)

Happy New Year!! What are your goals?

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