Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Our 15th Wedding Anniversary

On August 28, Chris and I celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary. Although it seems like yesterday that we were married in a Church in Omaha in front of friends and much has happened! We both went back and completed our masters degrees, changed jobs a few times, moved from an apartment to our first home to now our second home in Papillion. We had three little babies and have watched them grow. I quit my job and became a stay at home today where I am back to work on a part time basis. Our life has been crazy, fun, challenging, fulfilling, all on one!

To celebrate, my parents came down to take care of the kids and Chris and I took off to where we had our honeymoon at Sandals in Negril, Jamaica. We left early on Wednesday, August 27, arriving in Negril 12 hours later. Our flight in was interesting to say the least as storms from a hurricane made it a white out. The pilot "missed" the approach and took off again, circling the airport for a while. What a beginning!

Once at sandals, Chris and I settled into our week away. The resort had changed since we were there, but we tried to overlook everything and enjoy our time. We took daily 6 mile runs on the beach followed by Chris time in the gym. We would clean up and hit the buffet breakfast where we had made to order egg white omelets, fresh fruit, fresh fruit smoothies, and Chris got a pile of bacon! After breakfast, it was time to snorkel! Chris wore his gopro and captured all the fish we saw on the reef, through the caves and more. Very cool way to cool off in the mornings. We would come back from the morning snorkeling trip and float in the ocean on a raft while sipping on non alcoholic frozen fruit punches (they are so yummy!). Between relaxing, we would go off on on the kayaks or paddle boards. We loved the paddle boards! Lunch was another buffet where we loved the grilled fish and more fresh pineapple. It usually rained some in the afternoons, which was perfect for naps or chilling on the beach under the covered beach chairs. Time flew by. Chris and I were able to have endless conversations without interruptions, something that rarely happens at home with 3 kids that do no like it when we talk to each other, only to them. :) Night time was a more formal meal at one of the many restaurants where we have grilled shrimp, dinners on the beach, lobster, pizza one night, chocolate one night for dessert, and more. The food was quite good (they just didn't seem to give very large portions though) and he desserts were amazing. Chris and I tried everything since Sandals is an all inclusive. We tried some of the alcohol specials, like a watermelon margarita, Jamaican smile or the Bob Marley. They were all okay, but I liked the blended fruit punch sans the alcohol better. :)

We met a few couples, one we spent 3 hours with one night who were at sandals 15 years ago when we were and were from Iowa! Small world!

All in all, Chris and I had an amazing trip. I would highly recommend a break away with your spouse alone...there is nothing like it. Yes, family trips are important too as we only have a few cherished years to travel with our kids while they still like us :), but strengthening the bond between parents is important too. We hope to continue our annual long weekend trips on anniversaries, with our next bigger trip on our 20!!! Year anniversary! Wow, we are old.

 Now, our trip was amazing because we were there together, but don't go to sandals resorts. Jamaica itself is poor, so they will do anything for your money including beg and steal (did both to us). The beach peddlers get annoying after about an hour. The paparazzi at the resort are more than annoying and the pictures will cost you more than a new camera. The people working for sandals were not respectful. For what you pay, you expect luxury. Our home was luxury in comparison.Let's just say, with all the negatives and so many other places to visit, go to a different country or stay in the US and at a non sandals resort. We are already talking about where we want to go next.

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Courtney F said...

I always love your jumping shots! I'm glad you had good moments on your trip!