Friday, August 15, 2014

Summer 2014

I do not like saying good byes. I am not very good at it and try to avoid them at all costs. I can not say good bye to friends without tearing up, and saying good bye to my friend Summer is no different.

We had a wonderful summer! So wonderful, that I chose to play with the kids than to blog or even clean the house! It didn't help that our computer was broken for most of the summer, either.

June sped by. The kids had Catholic Education from 9-12 for the first 2 weeks. They spent the afternoons playing in the pool, playdates, and just playing. After Catholic Ed, we spread our wings and visited the zoo, the forest, going to Iowa to Adventureland, and more. The kids loved Adventureland! We kept busy too with piano lessons and Alivia going to the tutor.

Our July was spent 50% at home 50% in Missouri at the Lake of the Ozarks at my parents lake home. We love it there! The kids went early on July first while Chris and I worked, joining them for the 4th of July. The fireworks on the lake are always fabulous. The weather was cooler but still relaxing. We had a great time.

We arrived home and prepared for Addison's 8th birthday celebrations. We are still waiting for her to act 8 years old. With time, I am sure...and I will miss her whining, right?

After the partying, the kids and I went back to the Lake. Why not, right? Meanwhile, Chris and his brother went to Estes Park to hike Longs Peak. The reached the summit and back in 15 hours, both saying it was the hardest thing they had ever done. You can watch some of his YOUTUBE videos if you so desire (he wore a gopro camera for the hike!).Here they are reaching the summit! Chris and I both made big goals for 2014 and are happy to have been able to achieve them! He reached for the stars and nearly got there!

Meanwhile, the kids and I relaxed at the beach at the Lake, did some shopping at the outlets, bought a Chill Raft (the best investment ever!), eating out, and more. I'm already looking forward to relaxing and playing on the raft for years to come. It is just so relaxing at the lake, even if it is a lot of work to go alone with 3 kids. I pulled it off, and Alivia turned out to be a BIG help!

Back at home, it was time for me to return to work (work, what's that?!). I went back to 96 hours a month July 27 so back to reality. I decided next year I will not do that until September. We hope to spend the entire month of July at the Lake next year. We can't wait!

We shopped for back to school clothes and all those fancy back to school shoes (Converse anyone?!) Each kiddo now has a pair of Converse plus a fancy pair of running shoes. Gees! I run serious weekly miles and I didn't get any shoes (although I need them!).

As the summer drew to a close, we quickly finished up on all the things the kids wanted to do and the people we wanted to see. We went to the pool, had sleepovers, met up with friends. I was growing sad that our fun and lack of schedule was coming to an end. I love summer!

On Tuesday, August 12, Alivia started the 5th grade, Addison started the 3rd grade and Asher started Kindergarten. They enjoyed their first day and are already bringing home homework.

We had a wonderful summer. A summer to remember. We are already planning next summer, trips, the lake, and more fun. How many more days until Summer 2015? We are ready!


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Courtney F said...

Your summer, put all together sounds perfect! I'm glad you were able to spend so much time at the lake. I hope your kiddos have a wonderful school year!! It was great seeing you a couple of weeks ago.