Thursday, October 31, 2013

Vala's 2013

It is a tradition that we visit Vala's Pumpkin Patch this time of year. It was more complicated to get there this year with all the kids in school and Chris working a new job and unable to break away during the week. I snagged a 4 pack from a KETV deal and forked out the big bucks for an extra entry with only the $1 off coupon on website and we were off.

There should be a warning at Vala's: Visit here on weekends on your own risk.

Enough said.

We arrived at 9:30 on a Saturday morning a couple weeks ago and knew it was going to be bad. Police lined the parking lots and cars lined up behind us to get in. Really? This is crazy. The kids ran from fun thing to fun thing, the jumping pillows, the tractors, haunted houses, the new BIG slides. Before long, the crowd was almost too much. Okay, it was too much. We caught up with our friend Jill (so nice to see you!) and our friends Michael and Michelle. I do believe everyone we knew was there, but who would no it?! It was beyond crazy. There was a line at the jumping pillows and then the kids were limited in time how long they could jump. For real? And, we paid extra to come on a weekend?!

Going between all the people in the crowd got old. We ate our picnic that Chris ran to the car and got for us. It was nice to find a somewhat quiet spot and sit.

We left the wild place called Vala's just before 4. The line to get into the place was from the entrance all the way onto 370. Beyond nuts. We were tired, dirty, but had mostly fun getting that way.

We will go back next year (although Chris says he has had enough for his lifetime). But, we will not be going on a weekend!

PS There Kettle Corn is so good and worth the Paleo cheat. But, we will not be going through the upstairs of the Vala's store next year because Addison just can not take it. Enough said. :)

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